This news is a rephrase from my Yahoo ML news.

As you have heard, Luke MacFarlane will be back for 7 of the 22~23 episodes this upcoming season (season 2) for Brothers & Sisters. Hopefully, if there are more support for his portrayal of Scotty Wandell by writing letters to ABC and the B&S Production, there may be a chance that his 7 episodes will be enlarged and he may go regular in season 3.

Since the sides for episode #203 for Brothers & Sisters have been released, we know the first episode that Luke MacFarlane will reappear back into the series. I shouldn’t spoil the story plot, but get ready to be thrilled on your tippytoes to see Kevin & Scotty back together…but not as you think. ;P The third episode will air October 14, 2007. Make sure to watch!!!