I know this post isn’t much to do with Luke MacFarlane. However, Greg Hernandez of Out in Hollywood wrote this great interview article with Matthew Rhys at his time at the Brothers & Sisters DVD Boxset promotion, and asks Matthew about Luke, and the upcoming story between his character of Kevin, and Luke’s character of Scotty. Here’s some of the crucial interview surrounding Luke MacFarlane:

Greg: OK, now what about this season? Have you had any scenes with Scotty (Luke MacFarlane) yet?
Matthew: Yes I have. Dear Luke MacFarlane. It’s fantastic having him back for every reason. Primarily because he’s such a good actor but everything else that goes with it.

Greg: So what’s going on between Kevin and Scotty?
Matthew: Well that’s the thing, we don’t know. We are literally on a need to know basis. I’m still waiting to see. We’ve just met [up again] at the moment and are still very platonic – at the moment.

The rest of the interview with Matthew Rhys you can read by clicking here.