Seems like production is not shutting down at ep 2×10. They will be producing until ep 2×12. And this is where it seems like the timing couldn’t be even more worse or better (depending how you look at it). If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further.

Today, Tuesday, new sides (pages of scripts to be used for auditioning) came out for Brothers & Sisters ep 2×12, entitled “Compromises“. In it, Scotty has a huge scene with Kevin at a gay karaoke bar. Scotty also invited three of his friends to come along. Kevin invited Sarah to accompany him. By the way the sides read, it sounds like Kevin ultimately chose Scotty to be his lover. However, this could be a possible foiler, since this conflicts with what Ausiello alludes to in my previous post. There’s seven pages of sides that have Kevin, Sarah, Scotty, and his three friends, Jordan, Mario and Quinn. Seven pages! Most foilers only cover one page or less.

Btw, Kevin sings “Always on My Mind” to Scotty in the sides. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know.

So, will Luke be in episode 2×12? I don’t know. I wish Luke would inform me in some way. However, whether this be a foiler or not, I will post an ETA date of when the episode will air on the “Upcoming Dates” section on the side.