Here’s some bad news that concerns our lovable Luke in the wonderful role of Scotty Wandell. According to Michael Ausiello (scoop-king of TV Guide), Luke/Scotty will be gone by ep 2×11 (episode 11 of season 2). This quote is mostly about Eric Winter’s return as Jason McCallister. Here’s the quote:

“As I predicted, the second I laid eyes on the god awful CBS Viva Laughlin pilot, Eric Winter is already back on the B&S set taping scenes to air in the 11th episode called Missionary Imposition. Why the double entendre of the title? Because A, Eric Winter’s character is a missionary, and B, his return is quite a position for his ex, Kevin, who in his absence, rehooked up with his ex, Scotty. But it looks like this triangle will be short lived. I’m told by the end of the episode, it will be very clear where Kevin’s loyalty lies. And here’s a *cough*misleading clue for you to chew on. When the hour’s over, Scotty will be sleeping in his car.”

As you can see, this looks bad for you Scotty/Luke lovers…

So, to show your support for Luke, please use the address located here and write to the creators/producers your concerns that you want to see Luke MacFarlane back as Scotty Wandell. Please send those letters after the writers’ strike is over. But send them you must!