The last episode of 2007 just aired this past Sunday, and it was the big marriage between Robert McCallister and Kitty Walker. These screencaps and video clips are from this episode entitled “Holy Matrimony!.” Even though Luke was in the audience of the wedding sequence, I have left that part out from the video clips, but I did include some of what we can see of Luke at the wedding in the screencaps.

For video clips, please head over to the Media Centre. You can find 2×09 under “TV Clips > Brothers & Sisters > Season 2”.

So, please enjoy!

• 534 x Brothers & Sisters: 2×09 Screencaps

ETA (December 4, 2007): I misdid the video for 2×09 and will re-upload. Sorry for the bad video. Also, all the earlier videos for 2×03, 2×04 and 2×06 will be redone (as I am getting better at all this video editing).