It’s official. Just got word from ABC’s press release that Luke MacFarlane will be in episode 2.10 entitled, “The Feast of the Epiphany“.

This episode will air on January 6, 2008. This will be Luke’s 6th episode for this season.

Does this mean that ep 2.11 will be his last? Or did he get a contract extension to be in ep 2.12? Only time will tell. Stay tuned!!!

Updated (December 19. 2007): There is a discrepancy in the current press release from ABC. Brothers & Sisters ep 2.10 is supposed to air on January 6, 2008, at 10:01~11:00PM (EST). However, there’s another show ABC is also airing at that same timeslot. That show is the pilot episode of Cashmere Mafia (the regular timeslot will be moved to Wednesday at 10PM). So, I emailed off an email asking for clarification on which show will get this timeslot. And I got word back that it will be Cashmere Mafia. Brothers & Sisters ep 2.10 has been placed on hold, and they don’t know when it will air.

Updated (December 19, 2007): Got another e-mail from ABC but this time from the VP of Program Publicity from the Burbank HQ. Brothers & Sisters ep 2.10 has been moved from its original booking date of January 6, 2008, to January 13, 2008.