April 28th, Luke attended this event along with the rest of the cast of Brothers & Sisters.

This event is a look inside to Brothers & Sisters, much like the MTR Paley Festival. So, most likely questions and answers type deal. There was also a reception right after the event.

You can find info about this past event by clicking here.

Here’s a small blurb of this event:

A Conversation with Brothers & Sisters
Please Join the Cast & Crew
Monday, 7:30 PM — Reception to Follow
Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, North Hollywood

Here are some pictures of Luke on the red carpet at this event:

(If you’re wondering if I attended, no, I didn’t because I didn’t even hear about this until after the event was over!!! Argh!!! I know… *sigh* I could’ve met Luke again. *sigh*)

ETA: (April 29, 2008) Added two more pictures of Luke from that event.