Hello, this is a great time to advocate the following campaign to the Brothers & Sisters production staff while they are still at the studio and can read your letters if you write to them.


This campaign is mainly for all the fans of Luke and Scotty. We have yet to see Luke go shirtless as Scotty. Of all the love interests, Scotty is the only one who has yet to strut his stuff. :) Jason Lewis, as Chad Berry, and Eric Winter, as Jason McCallister, have both gone shirtless in this series. Hell, even Matthew Rhys has gone shirtless a few times (and we know what a cubby he is!).

This is currently the running campaign of this fansite. Please, when writing to the creators and writers, make sure to add in the campaign name on the letter and envelope to drive home that this is definitely a campaign we are trying to accomplish. Be polite and definitely beg them to get Scotty/Luke to go at least shirtless once this year.

I had two previous campaigns of 1) getting Luke to come back as Scotty, and 2) getting Luke to be a series regular, turn out to be a successes. It’s time we make this campaign a success. It takes all you fans to help out!

Please send all your letters & postcards to:

Greg Berlanti, Monica Owasu-Breen, Allison Schapker, & Ken Olin
c/o Brothers and Sisters
Production Office
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Stage 6
Burbank, CA 91521-2915

And please remember to write down “Shirtless Scotty Campaign” somewhere on the envelope and in your letter or postcard.