As of today, the California Supreme Court has passed with a 4-3 vote that the current ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. California has basically legalized same-sex wedding.

Unfortunately, Kevin & Scotty of Brothers & Sisters were married before this law, and the episode was produced a month before this proclamation was established.

So, hereby, I ask you fans that we bombard the writers with another campaign. This time, let’s advocate for a real wedding between Kevin & Scotty, with a real judge or priest officiating the ceremony, and real wedding rings, with real tuxes, and basically the whole nine yards of a real ceremony equal to that of their straigth counterparts. Kevin & Scotty deserve more.

For your support, please head over to Bloggers & Sisters and in this link I gave you, please comment that you want to see a real wedding between Kevin & Scotty. We need to bombard them with as many comment posts that we want to see a real wedding for our beloved characters! (Plus, Luke deserves a real fake wedding and not some fake commitment ceremony).

Please, everyone, we need your support. Write on Bloggers & Sisters! The writers do read it! We need our voices heard!