So, I just saw today that Luke Macfarlane submitted episode 2.16, “Prior Commitments,” for his Emmy consideration for the category of Drama Guest Actor.

Although, that is not the episode I would have him submit to the Emmy’s, because it does not showcase his acting strength in that episode. I would have chosen either episode 2.08, “Something New,” or episode 2.11, “Missionary Imposition“. Both of which really showcase his guest star status as well as his wide range acting skill. I would choose the former over the latter for submission, but any of these two would have been better than “Prior Commitments” which seems to fit Matthew Rhys more for a submission than for Luke.

Will “Prior Commitments” be enough to get him noticed to get a nomination for the Emmy’s? I don’t think so. I do think he would have a fair shot with the other episodes instead. Oh well, live and let learn…

So, what are your guy’s thoughts and opinions? Good choice? Bad choice? Please discuss in the comments!!