To show you that LMFO (Luke MacFarlane Online) has touched international fans, this fansite has got a mention in one of South African’s paid network station, MNET, which showcases Brothers & Sisters on their network channel. The great thing is that someone from their network mentioned us, as well as Luke’s awesome singing voice when he was the frontman for Fellow Nameless. I love how they think we’re an official fansite. Thank you, MNET! :)

Here is the direct link url: click here

And here’s the excerpt from their page:

Scotty Can Sing!
08 September 2008

The Canadian-born Luke MacFarlane’s suprisingly deep and sultry voice can be heard on his official fansite. where you can find out more about him.

Fellow Nameless, the band, was created with a friend while Luke was still in highschool. According to Wikipedia. , the band had a promising future and was about to sign a big deal with a popular recording company, before MacFarlane decided that he wanted to pursue acting and put down the guitar for drama classes at Julliard

To listen to Fellow Nameless’ music visit the fansite. and be sure to express yourself. Is it any good?