First the updates, I have posted 3 more pics from the Roma Fiction Fest.

I have also posted one pic from the GLSEN Respect Awards that occurred this past Friday.

And lastly, we come to the grand moment…yes, Luke did a fashion spread for LA Confidential Magazine and the spread is only available in the magazine. It’s ten glorious pages of handsome and debonair Luke! Hopefully this is the stepping stone to greater modeling jobs (crossing fingers for places like Esquire or GQ magazines). I have scanned them and placed them up in the gallery. The magazine is oversized and does not fit on normal scanners, so the hack photoshop job of attaching the pieces together is the best I can do. However, I will hopefully be rescanning them with a better one soon (crossing fingers), so the pictures may get replaced with better scans. Oh please purchase the magazine if you want a true hardcopy of these photos. The scans do the real pics no justice.

So, here they are and enjoy!! (Thanks to Luke member, PP, for the email tip about this magazine)

• 7 x LA Confidential Magazine Fashion Spread