So, the Brothers & Sisters blogs over at Bloggers & Sisters have posted an interview with Luke Macfarlane, since he is a new addition to the cast of regulars. It is part 1 of the interview and hopefully they will post a part 2 soon.

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Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Luke Macfarlane, who plays Scotty Wandell, husband of Kevin Walker, and pester him with some questions about his career, his Canadian heritage, and of course, his inclusion in the ‘Yummy Yummy Screw’ section of Perez Hilton.

Jeff: You’re a series regular this season, correct?

Luke: Yes. It’s very nice — as an actor you always want a stable job, so…Brothers & Sisters looks like a pretty stable job.

Jeff: Is this your first series?

Luke: Actually, I was on a series that only lasted a season. On FX, it was called Over There.

Jeff: So, you’re from Canada?

Luke: Yes, a place called, London, Ontario. It’s about two hours southwest of Toronto. It’s a college town…Yeah, it was actually a very good place to be raised.

Jeff: So you started at the beginning of the series?

Luke: I was in the third episode. In the first season, I think I did seven episodes, maybe eight. And then I came back in the second season, and did the same thing. Yeah, lo and behold, it turned into something permanent, which is always really kind of a nice thing. You know, it actually came as a bit of shock.

Jeff: Really?

Luke: Yeah. I was coming back and I was doing some of these episodes and I was still a guest star. I was talking with Matthew and I was like, “Do you know what they have in mind for us?” and he said, “Yeah, I think we’re getting married.” And I said, “What?”

Jeff: Nice.

Luke: Yeah, the actors are always the last to know.

Jeff: How do you think Scotty’s evolved over the last few seasons?

Luke: He’s definitely changed a lot. It’s interesting with TV because you kind of jump in and you really don’t know where the narrative is going to go, so you make bold choices, and you kind of get to tweak as you go along. And unlike with a play script, you don’t know where it ends. So yeah, he’s definitely changed a lot. I think Scotty’s now less concerned with sticking his nose in other people’s business. I think he’s become more confident in himself.

Jeff: So the wedding episode – you mentioned you were sort of the last to know – how was shooting that?

Luke: Oh, it was really wonderful. It kind of felt like we were doing something big, and it was done with great care from the costumes to the script. I know that David had spoken with someone who had officiated gay marriages, so that the words would be accurate and in line. And it was beautiful, you know. I felt like we all felt like were doing something special.

Jeff: And then with Proposition 8…?

Luke: Yeah, it was interesting – that happened after we did it. There was kind of that great synergy that happens when your work is in line with the world. It was very exciting, and continues to be exciting.

Jeff: So have you noticed a lot of the fan reaction to your character?

Luke: I actually try not to pay attention to that stuff. It’s always funny when I hear people talk about Scotty, like “Oh Scotty, he’s a fan favorite!” So I was like, “Oh, that’s nice!” Really, though, from my personal experience I try to stay away from message boards and all that stuff.

Jeff: So you didn’t see your photo spread on Perez Hilton on Monday?

Luke: I heard! It’s always funny how your friends from high school are the ones who tip you off. I got two e-mails from friends, like, “Hey – you’re on Perez Hilton!” I try to stay away. Because you’re always going to look, and see all the nice stuff, and then you’re going to come across that one line that annihilates you, and you’re just going to feel bad for a week. So, I learned my lesson early on.

Jeff: So you have a good working relationship with Matthew Rhys?

Luke: Yeah, very good. I think we both come from theatre backgrounds, so our approach to the material is very similar. Yeah, he’s an incredible actor, an incredible guy. I couldn’t be happier.

To Be Continued…

-Jeff Bibeau
Writers’ Intern