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Writers’ Intern Jeff Bibeau continues his interview with Luke Macfarlane…

Jeff: So you went to Julliard?

Luke: Yeah, it was wonderful. As a guy who came from London, Ontario, I didn’t know really anything about the theatre. It was a perfect place for me to go because I could be stripped down, you know… do the whole broken down and built back up thing. I didn’t have a lot of ideas of what theatre meant.

Jeff: Do you prefer stage to screen?

Luke: It’s an impossible question. But both are very different. It’s been, frankly, too long since I went back to stage. So I’m looking forward to hopefully doing something on stage soon.

Jeff: Any possibilities?

Luke: No. I’m locked in. ABC owns me. (Laughs)

Jeff: So are you recognized a lot out and about?

Luke: Um…no, I’m not really recognized to tell you the truth. I had a very nice girl push me in the airport last week (Laughs) But no, I’m actually not recognized that much. I grow my beard out and wear a hat. (Laughs)

Jeff: So, any other exciting projects coming up?

Luke: Well, the two other passions in my life are biking and cello. I have a race coming up which I’m looking forward to – a 40 mile mountain bike race. And, uh, I started taking cello again – I played for thirteen years and I gave it up when I went to Julliard – and I just started taking lessons again about 6 months ago. Sometime in the next year, I want to have a recital.

Jeff: Do you prefer the United States to Canada?

Luke: You know, the one thing I say about that is that I love going home and it’s a great place. I would never turn in my Canadian passport. But I will say that America feels like a good place to be a young person. There’s just so many possibilities and job opportunities and such.

Jeff: Do you get to go home a lot?

Luke: Not as much as I want to. I got to go home for Canadian Thanksgiving, and I go home for Christmas.

Jeff: Nice. And your family is all still there?

Luke: Yeah.

Jeff: Do they get to come down here a lot?

Luke: Yes. My twin sister has visited me, and my older sister and my mother have all come individually. When you live in Los Angeles, people tend to want to visit you, especially during the winter months. (Laughs)

Jeff: Without giving too much away, what can we expect from Scotty this season?

Luke: His career is going to take an upturn, so that’s exciting. He’ll finally be making money like the rest of the Walkers. (Laughs) And, you know, they’re doing a really good job of keeping the relationship between Scotty and Kevin really honest, with little tensions here and there.

Jeff: So married life is good?

Luke: Married life is good so far. No roadblocks yet.

Jeff: Scotty’s a chef – do you cook?

Luke: No, I love cooking, I love food. But…I’m not a cook. I have fantasies of it one day – in fact, my friend and I have been talking about taking a cooking class. But, no. (laughs)

Jeff: Any other similarities or differences to Scotty?

Luke: We look shockingly similar. (Laughs)

Jeff: Yeah, I noticed that. It’s very disarming.

Luke: Of course, when you’re on a television show, you’re always drawing from your own experiences. I admire Scotty very much, I think he has a lot of tenacity.

Jeff: So you’re not as tenacious?

Luke: No, I don’t think I am. (Laughs) Scotty’s drawn me out a bit, I think.

Jeff: Is there any approach you like to take when you’re working on a character?

Luke: It was funny you know, one of my favorite things is doing all the research. When I do a play, I read as much as I can about it. It was funny, when I got this role, I didn’t know really to start with the research. Scotty didn’t have a job, and I really didn’t know anything about him. I remember going to Facebook and going to people’s profiles and trying to like steal traits from them. Thinking that I could find Scotty somewhere in the Facebook universe and I could somehow look at a picture of somebody and copy stuff. But there wasn’t a lot of research I could really do on Scotty.

Jeff: (Laughs) You can drown in the Facebook universe.

Luke: Exactly, and just go for miles and miles and miles. But, you know, since he’s become a chef, I’ve been reading a lot of cook books. I like to read; I like to research.

Luke was an absolutely pleasure to hang out with and was more than happy to take time out of his day to talk to me, and to the readers – so keep an eye on Scotty this season and Luke in all his future endeavors.

You can catch Luke and that crazy Walker clan every Sunday at 10pm on ABC – but if you’re on this blog, you should already know that. This season is going to be awesome – take it from the intern. I’m not on payroll.

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Jeff Bibeau
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