First, sorry to the fans in Spain, I didn’t find out until now. Iron Road aired this past January 1, 2009, on Tele5 channel at 16:00 (4:00 P.M.). I am not sure if there will be a re-broadcast. The Spanish title is “El Ășltimo tren desde Oriente“.

Second, Iron Road will be making a DVD debut in the UK (United Kingdom) on February 9, 2009. This is a region 2 DVD. I believe it has not aired in the U.K. at all. But at least it is being released as a video there (even before being aired in Canada or the USA). Amazon UK has yet to place a full listing for the DVD; even though, there is a placemarker for it. However, Play.Com has a listing for it. You can go directly to this link to pre-order it now. Play.Com unfortunately only serves European customers. In addition, for you UK fans, LoveFilm.Com will start renting this movie on March 2, 2009 (or February 3, 2009…not sure which). You can access the direct link to check it out.

ETA: Oops, one small minor detail left out. UK DVDs are PAL. So, for your NTSC countries (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.) and non-PAL countries (France, etc.), make sure your DVD player is region free and can convert the video signal. OR, if you have a HDTV (High Definition Television), the video signal doesn’t really matter. OR, you can just play off your computer DVD-ROM and watch it on your computer monitor.