Sorry for the late posting of this interview. I just found about it just now. Norwegian Television, TV2 Entertainment, did a short interview with Luke. Thanks to Maria Holm for the translation.

The article was originally published on November 26, 2008, and updated on January 21, 2009. Written by Kristine Vogt Beylegaard.

Source: TV2 Entertainment

He was skeptical about straight co-star.
Yet, gay actor, Luke Macfarlane, from Brothers & Sisters has only been impressed by “Kevin Walker”.

“Matthew Rhys is a fantastic actor. For a straight actor, it’s usually a bit scary to be intimate with another man, but Matthew tackles it very well. He didn’t hesitate before (doing) those scenes. He has a theatre background, like me, and I think it makes you more open to these things. In addition, he’s from Wales and being European has a more open perspective on things.”

Never dreamt of an acting career
For a while, it looked like he was going to be something else; even though, Luke is now a successful actor.

“I think for most actors, at some point, ask themselves why they have become just that. For my part, I have no idea. I think maybe it is to satisfy something I have inside of me. I never thought I would be an actor; I was actually a vocalist in a band in high school. The name of the band was ‘Fellow Nameless’ – a horrible name – and I think it was then that I fell in love with performing.”

Signed by Madonna
And this was not just any band.

“We actually had a record label deal with Maverick Records, Madonna’s record label. What ruined it was probably that everyone in the band was at different stages in life and wanted different things. In addition, I went to Juilliard to become an actor and lost the chance.”

Left rock for cello
Luke still doesn’t regret the fact that he lost the chance to become a rock star.

“I quickly realized that acting appealed more to me. Music is a nice reality escape. It’s tough and emotional, but I still prefer to open a script and start preparations for a new role. I still play the cello, and I take it seriously. I have played more than 15 years, and I practice with a cello teacher here in Los Angeles.”

Got a new contract
Luke initially got a contract only for a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters. He now reveals that we can see Scotty on the little screen for a while longer.

“I’ve got a much longer contract now. But how long Kevin will have Scotty is left to be seen,” smiles the actor.