The play that Luke is starring in has been extended by an extra week by The Blank Theatre and will close on Sunday, March 29th, with the last performance at 8:00 PM.

The last week performance will be held on Thursday (26th), Friday (27th), Saturday (28th) and Sunday (29th), each day at 8:00 PM. You may still get tickets to these shows via The Blank Theatre’s website at Only March 12th and 14th are sold out. The other performances still have tickets left.

I will still be attending the March 22nd performance, and I hope to go to the 29th one as well.

Source: BroadwayWorld.Com

ETA (3/15/09): Correction, Sunday, March 29th will be at 2PM and not 8PM as was previously stated. They made a boo-boo and corrected their mistake.