jazz_postcardfront_v400aaout“The Jazz Age” has finally sold out their last three remaining performances, tonight (Friday), Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Luke Macfarlane, Jeremy Gabriel and Heather Prete for a job well done in taking on Allan Knee’s play. It was a wonderful experience to have watched them twice live on stage. Luke did a great job portraying F. Scott Fitzgerald, showing the rise and fall in Fitzgerald’s character as Fitzgerald is trying to find himself and his own inner-voice, as well as, showcasing the human-ness of Fitzgerald’s darker side (i.e. alcoholism), and yet the uncertainty in life he had with Zelda. Jeremy was a wonderful portrayal of the the macho Hemingway, who also represented a freedom for Fitzgerald away from the confines of a bubble-world that Zelda lives in. Heather’s portrayal of Zelda through her wild youth days to her inner sanctuary and eventual stay in a mental hospital was so spot on, you can’t help but feel sorry for Zelda who was herself trapped in her own bubble-world.

The play was definitely a delightful treat to those who got to watch such a magnificent performance from these three trio of actors.

(Unfortunately, I could not get my ticket in time before Sunday’s last show was sold out today. Hope to see more of Luke in the near future and in more plays. :) )