AfterElton.Com have just released their list for the The 2009 AfterElton Hot 100, and Luke Macfarlane once again reached number three (#3) out of 100 Hot Guys voted by gay and bi men from all over the world. Not only did Luke Macfarlane make it to #3 on the Top 100, he also made it to #3 for the The 2009 AfterElton Hot 100: Out Gay Men top 10 list as well. Luke came in third behind Neil Patrick Harris (#1) and John Barrowman (#2) in both categories.


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Here’s their blurb on Luke Macfarlane for the Top Hot 100:

The twinkling blue eyes of our #3 entry have inspired readers to come together every Sunday night hoping to get even just a glimpse of those dimples on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.

It was on B&S that readers first fell in love with this Canadian-born actor who portrays half of the show’s gay supercouple and one of the only same-sex male couples on television. Luke is Scotty Wandell to Matthew Rhys’ Kevin Walker and together last fall, they had the first primetime gay wedding on U.S. television between regularly recurring characters. On top of that, they have the unusual distinction of being the only functional relationship on the entire show. Score one for gay marriage!

While readers are adamant that there’s still just not enough of Luke on the show, the shy, out-and-proud actor keeps himself busy by having recently starred in the Canadian miniseries Iron Road as well as on stage in The Jazz Age as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Luke also inspired many with his decision to come out last April, which propelled him to the 3# spot on last year’s list. Who knows? If Brothers & Sisters gives Scotty and Kevin a bit more screen time next season, a certain Canadian might just come out on top!

Here’s the blurb on Luke Macfarlane for the Top HOT 100 Out Gay Men:

Hmm, we’re starting to detect a theme here. You folks really like these three gay men a lot, don’t you? Or perhaps you simply like to show how cosmopolitan you are by picking a Yank, a Scot and a Canadian again and again.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we also suspect that, as with John Barrowman and the BBC, Luke might have had a shot at the top spot if ABC’s Brother & Sisters had featured him a bit more prominently. Things were so promising last fall when his character Scotty Wandell married Kevin Walker, but ever since then it’s been a case of diminishing returns.

Might we suggest Luke trying bribing the ABC writers to get a bit more facetime? That just might be what he needs to push him over the top next year.