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Source: Tonight

Growing the love at home
June 11, 2009

By Zane Henry

I’d seen the Brothers and Sisters box-set at the DVD store every time I reached past it to grab the latest season of House or Lost.

I’m not sure why I never took it, but there always seemed something better to cuddle up on the couch with.

So when my colleague asked me to interview two of the cast of Brothers and Sisters before the launch of the third season in August, I had to bone up quickly.

One night and two seasons later, I was completely enmeshed in the tangled lives of the Walker clan.

Sure, the show is a glorified soap opera but which family isn’t? The writing is sharp, the acting is great (Sally Field, Rob Lowe, Rachel Griffiths: hello?) and the vibe is warm.

I arrived at 12pm at the One & Only Hotel V&A Waterfront, burnt out and bleary after the all-night Brothers and Sisters binge the night before.

When I was ushered into the presidential suite for the interview, I nearly hugged Dave Annable (Justin Walker) and Luke MacFarlane (Scotty) like long-lost brothers. I didn’t. But I wanted to.

They themselves were a little bleary after a night out around Cape Town and close encounters of the Stellenbosch pinotage kind.

Still, they’re scarily good-looking and I’m careful, for the sake of my ego, to not stand too close to them.

Hey guys. Welcome to Cape Town (Did I just say that?)

DA and LM: Thanks man.

Just so I know, which questions are you guys most tired of being asked?

DA: First of all, I love that question! Listen, ask whatever you’ve got. You’ve got a job to do and we’ll try to keep it fresh and interesting.

A question I do get asked a lot is what is it like to work with Sally Field.

She’s amazing, obviously.

She’s an unjaded professional while being a total mom to us on the set.

Seriously, I get emails from her checking if I’m drinking enough orange juice.

LM: I often get asked what it’s like working with such a great cast. And the answer is that it’s, well, great.

How did you guys end up here on the tip of Africa this morning?

DA: I got an email asking if I’d like to go to South Africa to promote the show and before I’d finished reading, I was like, definitely.

With our job come these amazing perks where we get to travel all around the world and talk about what we love doing.

LM: It’s the first time M-Net has had anyone from the show down here so we need to set a good precedent so that everyone else will get to come.

We’ve had some time to sight see and we’re completely in love with this place.

What can viewers expect from your characters in the third season?

LM: Well, we have a married couple on the show now, Scotty and Kevin, and the third season sees them having to deal with marital issues.

Scotty starts earning more money than Kevin and this puts some strain on the relationship, leading to some important lessons.

DA: We left Justin at the end of the second season just after that smooch with Rebecca.

The third season has him figuring out what his relationship with her is.

It’s a complicated situation.

How much of your characters do you take home with you?

LM: A lot. I have tremendous respect for Scotty. He’s a little more patient than I am and I often wonder how he puts up with Kevin.

DA: Justin and I definitely have laziness in common.

I don’t know if I brought it to him or he brought it to me but we both are kinda sloth-like.

My wife wants a small family. I want a big one. Who’s right?

LM: I’m an advocate for big families.

Tell her that when she’s old she’ll have lots of people to take care of her and dinner conversation will be so much more interesting when there’s more people around the table.

DA: I say this before changing a million diapers but I want a big family.

I want lots of kids running around and coach the little league team.

Just keep adding to the love.

• The third season of Brothers and Sisters airs on August 13 on M-Net.