The Herald Online has a personal Q&A with Luke Macfarlane. This article was just recently posted to their website. Luke’s last name in the article title is misspelled by the reporter.

Source: The Herald Online

Q & A with Luke McFarlane


IF YOU‘RE a fan of the M-Net drama series Brothers & Sisters, you‘ll certainly know who Scotty Wandell is. Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane, who plays Scotty, joined the series in 2006 after bagging a recurring role as the on-and-off boyfriend of Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys). Macfarlane and co-star Dave Annable (Justin Walker) recently paid a visit to South Africa.

Playing the role of Scotty is . . . So much fun. It‘s great that after two seasons he‘ll now have a more important role to play during season three. I love working on the show and the cast is amazing – we‘re one big happy family.

Working with Dave Annable is . . . great. We get along so well and I am glad to have shared this SA experience with him. He‘s a great actor as well.

Season three . . . is going to be quite a busy one for Scotty. He and Kevin are married now and must adjust to making that work. They‘ll face some obstacles. It‘s going to test just how deep their love is.

What brought you to South Africa? We‘re here to meet the media (thanks to M-Net) and also do a bit of sight-seeing. I‘ve always wanted to visit South Africa.

What‘s been a highlight? We got to go to Stellenbosch and taste some lovely wines. The wine farm areas are beautiful and I had a great time. Cape Town is awesome – I‘d have liked to see more of the city.

Did you go on safari? We did and it was awesome. We also spent time in Johannesburg.

Do you get recognised from being on the show? Only now! While I was working on seasons one and two, not that many people recognised me.

And your South African fans? Quite a few people have come up to me to chat and tell me they‘re big fans of the show. What‘s great in South Africa is there aren‘t too many people invading your space; when people notice who you are, they‘re very warm.

Will you visit again? We spent four days in Cape Town and I promise to come back soon. I just have to! There‘s a great beauty about the city and cool things to see and do!