(FYI = “For Your Information”)

Luke does not partake with the internet, although he does have an email address and he does go on the internet; he will not be on such internet fares as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or any of the social sites. Furthermore, Luke has never and will never participate with fansites (including this one) or any place that has any mention of his name (in bad light or good light). Please stop asking me if he has any account on any of the social sites. He doesn’t. I run the fansite fan page for Luke on Facebook. Any other pages you see on Myspace or Facebook that may look like it is ran by Luke is a fake

For those asking for his email address or other personal information, even if I were to know it, which I don’t, I would never give it to you. Please stop requesting it from me.

That is all. Just have to get this off my chest.