According to Bloggers & Sisters, the official blog of Brothers & Sisters, Luke Macfarlane will start blogging as Scotty Wandell with the help of writing assistant, John Kazlauskas.

Here is the blurb from the blog: (Source: Bloggers & Sisters)

SIDE DISH – Scotty’s Food Blog

Luke holding a handful of beets

Luke holding a handful of beets

Beginning this Monday (November 16) Scotty Wandell fans have a new weekly treat to look forward to – SIDE DISH, Scotty’s very own food blog. But wait, Scotty’s a fictional character…so who is actually going to be writing this new blog? Well, who knows Scotty better than Luke Macfarlane himself.

“All my life, I’ve loved writing. In high school I used to write short stories all the time. So when I first had the idea of writing a food blog as Scotty, I knew that I also wanted to do most of the writing. I asked John Kazlauskas to be involved as well, but it’s just the two of us who will be writing everything you see posted.”

But that’s the last time you’ll hear that Luke and John are doing the writing:

“We wanted this to come completely from Scotty’s world — to feel totally real and intimate. Like the show is alive outside of Sunday night. So you won’t see John’s or my name anywhere on the blog. This is from Scotty. Even down to the pictures we’re taking. We’re not going to use ABC publicity stills from the show. We’re doing what Scotty would do: take pictures with his phone.”

How did the idea for the blog come about?

“I love going out to eat and the idea came while I was out eating with some friends. It just seemed like a fun opportunity to explore more about who Scotty is. And, unlike Scotty, I’m not much of a cook so this is a chance for me to learn something, too.”

What can we expect to see on the blog?

“It’s basically everything food-related that’s going on for Scotty when he’s not on screen. It might be his musings on a particular food or food trend, his kitchen tips, a copy of his favorite recipes or just stories about his random culinary adventures. But it’s all real. John and I are actually doing everything we write about whether it’s pickling beets or doing a tasting of frozen TV dinners. It’s going to be a lot of fun”

Luke tasting some sauce.

Luke tasting some sauce.

SIDE DISH launches on Monday, November 16. A new SIDE DISH will be posted the Monday following every new episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS.