Long time no talk.

Video clips for episode 4.10 for Brothers & Sisters has been up since Tuesday, for those who didn’t know. They can be located under “Media > Video Player”. This episode will go into the Media Centre in the near future. As always, screencaps to come. I know, I am behind from 4.07 till 4.10. I promise I’ll get them up soon.

New poll is out. Please take the time to vote and pick your favorite!

Updated the “Brothers & Sisters – Season 4” section of the website. It is now up to date with the episode info.

Please remember that “CHAT” is under “MISCELLANEOUS” now.

Latest “SIDE DISH” is also been copied and pasted to ensure that we keep record of this wonderful blog. You can find that under “Miscellaneous > Side Dish”

Thanks to fan AnnaDoll who has discovered 4 pics of Luke from his Juilliard days in 2001. I have posted these four pictures in the gallery under “Miscellaneous > Juilliard”. Please enjoy and take a look! :) You will also notice a young Michael Urie next to Luke. Gotta love Group 32 and their fun antics which makes these pics so special.