Okay, guys (and gals, but mainly the guys),

This year marks another year where the gay and bi men can vote on their favorite ***HOT*** celebrity for 2010 Top HOT 100.

This is a pre-campaign, and as usual, I’m campaigning again for all the guys out there to vote for Luke in all categories when the voting starts this coming Monday, April 26th.

Girls/Gurls/Women/Womyn are not allowed to vote as it will skew the voting procedure. This is to see what gay/bi men enjoy as hot.

Please, all you fans of Luke Macfarlane, place Luke’s name at the #1 spot of the list. I know I have more than 2000 male fans on this site as it’s about 70% male readership and 30% female readership.

Again…voting starts very soon. This is a pre-campaign. Please spread the word to your fellow gay/bi boyfriends, friends, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, etc.. Luke needs to beat out against Neil Patrick Harris and John Barrowman if he is to attain #1 spot in the Top HOT 100.