It has been a long time coming, but I finally found a great template to use for the website which I love to death and it is easy to work with.

Current website design for Luke Macfarlane Online

See previous website design and layouts for Luke Macfarlane Online at the layouts page.

This template is the Mystique template, lightly modified to fit this website. The great thing about the Mystique is that it offers 1) a login (finally!!!), 2) a combined archives, comments, tag cloud, and popular posts, such that you can switch between them with ease, and 3) an integrated Twitter package. It also comes with social bookmarks as part of the package in the posts, but I also added additional plugins for social bookmarks, so please use all the social bookmarks you are signed up for.

Still using WordPress, although I may change to Drupal or Joomla down the road. We’ll see….

Please register and login if you haven’t done so yet.

Now onto what has changed…

For the background, I have used an original picture of Luke Macfarlane, the one I took after watching The Jazz Age in Los Angeles. Top banner has changed to reflect the new site.

There has been some modifications. I placed the latest gallery additions to the bottom footer and expanded it now to show the last 10 uploaded pics. This way, you can get more out of the thumbnails than before. I expanded the website to include an additional column, so now it’s wider. Yes, which also means, you will need a widescreen monitor to see the full effect or you can shrink the website using a ZOOM feature on your browser to see the entirety. The website is now optimized for 1680 x 1050 (16:10 monitor), which is now industry standard (you can use a 16:9 monitor too). I added back the “users online” in order to see who is online again.

New site also required some modifications to pages, so I have made some modifications. Took out “Side Dish” from Miscellaneous and now placed it under “Brothers & Sisters” menu. Removed “Miscellaneous” and now Chat, Forums, and Press are placed on the navigation bar. Took out “Fellow Nameless” from “Media” and placed it on the navigation bar as I want the fans to be able to listen to Luke sing in his soulful baritone voice. Took out “Brothers & Sisters” and placed it on the navigation bar since it is the core series that Luke is on. Might as well make it one of the center of attention for the site. Changed the “Video Player” name to “Screening Room” which sounds better than “Video Player.” This site will also be enhanced with search engine optimization (SEO), so I am going back and doing much modifications so that I can get this site ranked higher with other keywords other than just “Luke Macfarlane.” Took out Status and Pligg as no one was using them. Will try to find something else that people may enjoy using and donate articles to the site.

Changes to come: Will be redoing the Gallery and Media Centre next as they need some updating. The current gallery template is driving me crazy. Will be link checking to ensure all links to other sites are still ok.

Added the AfterElton.Com’s interview now to the February, 2010 post.

I think that’s about it. Please leave comments about the change.