The results for the 2010 Top HOT 100 poll and the results for the 2010 Top 10 Out Gay Men are finally in over at AfterElton.Com

The results are in from AfterElton.Com and the top HOT 100, what gay and bi men consider hot, is now listed over at their website. Luke Macfarlane places 4th out of 100 this year, still below Neil Patrick Harris (#1) and John Barrowman (#3), but Scott Evans (real life gay brother to Chris Evans and can be recently seen as one of the gay couples on One Life to Live) bumped both John & Luke down when Scott Evans took the #2 spot behind Neil Patrick Harris.

In addition to placing 4th in the Top Hot 100, Luke Macfarlane also places 4th in the Top 10 Out Gay Men, behind Neil Patrick Harris (#1), Ricky Martin (#2), John Barrowman (#3).

Thanks to all the male fans for voting in this annual poll. Your support for Luke Macfarlane is deeply appreciated by Luke Macfarlane Online fansite.