And as people wished it, it has come to pass…

Two sources have revealed some of the stories Luke Macfarlane has talked about at the HRC Chicago Gala, this past Saturday.

Source #1 : Social Lite

Luke Macfarlane was the guest speaker for the evening and I must say he did a terrific job. He spoke of his coming out story not only to his family, but also to himself and to his life in general. He went on to say how important it is that we do not hide who we are. He was not saying that we should dress in all pink and shout “hey girlfriend!” but he said that we should be proud of who we are and not hide it. If someone asks us if we are gay, we should be honest.

One comment Luke said made me smirk. He said “this is as simple as requesting ONE bed at a hotel instead of two when you are checking in with your partner.”

Source #2 : Heart Mind Strength

Another award for visibility went to Luke Macfarlane, an openly gay actor who stars in a TV series called “Brothers and Sisters.” Luke told a story that I found to be very moving.

Luke has known he was gay since his early teens. He grew up in Canada (worshiping in the United Church of Canada), then moved to NYC for his acting career. In his mid-20s, Luke moved to LA. At a cocktail party, a casting agent greeted him and welcomed him to Hollywood, then said, “Luke, I heard a rumor that you’re gay.” In that moment, as a newcomer in an unfamiliar place, Luke suddenly lost his nerve. Not sure how he would be received by a potential employer, he denied his true self. “No, I’m not gay,” he told the agent. And she promptly asked him out on a date.

Luke confessed to all 650 of us at the banquet that he was ashamed by his failure of nerve. Though he had come out of the closet years before, here he was, going right back into hiding. He said, “Being out is a decision we have to make again and again, every day.”