So, thanks to whomever told Luke. It gives me inspiration when I get a message out of the blue from Luke Macfarlane, especially when it was sent via John Kazlauskas via Facebook e-mail. Even though I did take down my announcement awhile ago because I was teeter-tottering on whether to continue the site or not, I think this message (plus the upcoming little gift from Luke himself) has given me hope to continue on with the site. Although updates will be sporadic and not as frequent as before (as I am a busy man), I will try to get things updated as much as possible, especially when it comes to pictures.

As for the Brothers & Sisters season 5 screencaps, I am behind since I am trying to figure out a way to convert the website into HTML 5.0 friendly website, with HTML 5.0 video player. Although many browsers currently don’t support HTML 5.0, but that is the wave of the future as many companies, corporations, and the general websphere want to move away from Adobe Flash dependency. I do have videos ready, but just trying to find the right player and to make it work cross-browser is tough. It may work wonderful on one browser but look like crap on another. Nothing is perfect with HTML 5.0, so I may opt to go back to Adobe Flash players

I am also in the process of finding a new look for the site, so I’m searching for a good template to work off of that employs WordPress. If you have any suggestion, please email me at kong@lukemacfarlane.org. I think many people don’t like the 3 column look, but I need something that is wide enough (and I really think it’s time that people upgrade from 4:3 monitors to 16:10 or 16:9 monitors anyway. They’re getting relatively cheap on the market). So, an eventual update to the front end will be established soon. I never keep to one look for so long. If I had more time and money and whatever, I think I would change the look every 2 months. My main goal is to make the website look more professional and less fansite-ish, which means certain features will eventually disappear (e.g. chatbox).

For those wondering about the new gallery design, it is a template used for Coppermine Gallery version 1.5x. I added some mods to allow faster viewing of pictures by enlarging the normal/intermediate pictures and make them zoomable to view (like lightbox). You can use the mouse wheel over the picture to forward or rewind picture viewing. If you click on the little (i) icon above the picture, that will take you directly to the standard picture viewing template where you can click to get the full-size HQ picture (if applicable).

With the high number of spam bots that have invaded the site, I have placed more captcha requirements and protection to guard against spam bots. So, if you’re dyslexic, I’m sorry for your loss, but so far, the captcha has really kept the spam bots away from registering, commenting and spamming this site.