The 4th annual Top Hot 100 has arrived, and today, the final poll results for the AfterElton 2011 Top Hot 100 are posted and thanks to all the fans out there, who visit this site, and other fansites, as well as visit the Facebook fansite for Luke, Luke Macfarlane has placed #6 out of 100 beating out many contenders and tough (stiff) competition. In front of him are the following: Darren Criss (#1), Adam Lambert (#2), Chris Colfer (#3), Neil Patrick Harris (#4), and John Barrowman (#5).

Thank you for your votes and caring so much for Luke Macfarlane. I’m sure he’s getting teased by his theatre mates as the word is spreading about his “hotness” factor.

This year, placing 6th drops Luke Macfarlane down by two positions, compared to 4th place in 2010. In the previous years, Luke Macfarlane was ranked as follows:

2010 : #4 out of 100
2009 : #3 out of 100
2008 : #2 out of 100

Source: AfterElton.Com

And here is what AfterElton.Com has to say about Luke Macfarlane’s success in this year’s poll results:

Sadly Brothers & Sisters has been canceled, so that means we won’t be seeing any more of the adorable Scotty Wandell. But you can bet this won’t be the last you see of handsome, out Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane. Five years on Brothers & Sisters showed us his talents as an actor, a singer (did you see the episode where he sang that touching Irish funeral song?), and even a potential underwear model– at least based upon what we saw in a few brief briefs scenes. Hubba hubba.

Okay, he’s probably too serious an actor to pursue underwear modeling, but keep your options open, Luke. And come back to television soon, we’re going to miss you!