Luke Macfarlane will be reprising his role as Sam Bendrix once again this year. This time, the stage event for Sam Bendrix at the Bon Soir, written by Keith Bunin, will be held at the City Theatre, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The play will run from November 12, 2011, to December 18, 2011, at the Hamburg Studio. Tickets run from $30 to $60 (USD) and can be purchased online via City Theatre’s Online Ticketing.

Address to the Hamburg Studio is 1300 Bingham St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

Preview Schedule
Saturday, November 12 at 5:30 pm; Sunday, November 13 at 7pm;
Tuesday, November 15 and Wednesday, November 16 at 7pm;
Thursday, November 18 at 8 pm

Friday, November 18 at 8 pm

Regular Run Schedule
Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 pm; Wednesday at 1 pm;
Thurs. and Fri. at 8 pm; Sat. at 5:30 & 9 pm; Sun. at 2 pm