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Hamish Linklater (Brandt, “The Busy World Is Hushed”)

“It was so important to find someone with whom I have the right chemistry — and Luke couldn’t be a sweeter or more talented guy.”
June 16, 2006 ::: TheaterMania

Emily Bergl (Patricia, “Where Do We Live?”)

“While I’m at it, I must also give a shout-out to my dear friend Luke Macfarlane on Brothers & Sisters. It’s a little unfair that he is both so incredibly talented and good-looking, but we can all forgive him because he is such a kind person.”
November 29, 2006 ::: TVGuide.Com blog entry

Matthew Rhys (Kevin Walker, “Brothers & Sisters”)

Rhys went on to give out props to his co-star, Canadian Luke Macfarlane (Scotty), who recently came out in a Globe and Mail article. “I’m very proud of him. You can never underestimate the joy in living an authentic life. Now if only he could lose his Canadian accent, I’d be happy. Those vowels kills me each time,” he laughed. “And his sick obsession with maple syrup!”
May 2, 2008 ::: TVGuide.Ca

Dave Annable (Justin Walker, “Brothers & Sisters”)

“I can’t wait for it. I, as a viewer, love the Kevin and Scotty storyline. Every time they’re there on screen I love it. They have great chemistry, and Luke Macfarlane who plays Scotty is outstanding, and he’s such a welcome addition to us. We’re lucky to have him.”
April 30, 2008 ::: Out in Hollywood

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