Some quotes from the mouth of Luke. If you would like to read extensive Luke interviews, head on over to the Press section.

<•> “Being in ‘Over There’ is a wonderful thing, but, at the same time, I don’t want it to be the highlight of my career.”

<•> “The hardest thing about this business is that the more you have, or achieve, the more fear there is of losing it. There’s this huge pressure to keep improving and going to that next step.”

<•> “The most important thing I learned at Julliard is how important theatre can be.”

<•> “I figure I got the role because I wanted and needed the job so darned desperately. Being broke makes you real determined.” (About his role in Over There)

<•> “They called him Dim because he went to Cornell and they figured he had to be stupid to end up in the army.” (About his role in Over There)

<•> “Of course, you need talent and hard work — and I work damned hard — but it’s naive to think that good fortune doesn’t play a pretty big part in this business.”

<•> “I’m very lucky, I haven’t struggled too much, which is probably both a blessing and a curse.”

<•> “You cannot make a TV show about a war that’s going on and not have a political show.”

<•> “Steven Bochco is a really smart person and he knows exactly what to say. But I think that of course it was a political TV show.” (About the show Over There)

<•> “Any group of people in a specific field are going to be watching out for details. And the army is filled with particularly intense people when it comes to details, you know?” (About the show Over There)

<•> “I think FX kinda backed themselves into a corner, they had to cut their losses and just run away.” (About the cancellation of Over There)

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