DIRECTOR(S): Michael Connors
WRITER(S): Michael Connors
RELEASE DATE: April 27, 2006 (Tribeca Film Festival).
DISTRIBUTOR(S): Five By Eight Productions

Eighteen Hours before deployment to Iraq – guilt stricken Lieutenant Danny Sefton is spurned by the soldiers of Charlie Company. The men resent Sefton – he has managed a transfer to another unit that is staying home. Sefton is approached by Private Reyes, a poor, black soldier with family problems he wants Sefton’s help going AWOL. Sefton must now decide to help a soldier who deserves to stay back more than he. Before Sefton can give Reyes an answer they are interrupted by their anxious commander, Captain Haas. Reyes turns up missing and Haas threatens Sefton with legal action, convinced the guilt stricken lieutenant was involved in Reyes disappearance. They search the base, and when Sefton discovers Reyes, desperate and trapped, he helps him get past the base guards. The following morning, as the company prepares to leave, Reyes is captured by the MPs. Haas offers an ultimatum to Reyes – he will keep him out of jail if he gives up Sefton. Reyes declares that he acted alone during his escape. Haas sentences Reyes to a worse fate — joining the men on the trucks destined for Iraq. Sefton, unable to control his guilt any longer, approaches Haas and asks to be put on the trucks with the rest of the company. Haas puts the matter to a vote, asking the men to raise their hands if they would like Sefton to join them. He watches, his fate to be decided by the men of the company…

Recalled won an “IMAX Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Award” and a “National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award” at Columbia University Film Festival as well as a “Directing Shorts” Platinum Award to Michael Connors at WorldFest Houston.

• Chris Chalk . . . Private Reyes
• Frank Harts . . . Sergeant Miles
• Joe Holt . . . Captain Haas
• Edward Lovebane . . . Specialist Kunsman
• Christian Tom . . . Sergeant Ferrara

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