Trapped Ashes

DIRECTOR(S): Sean S. Cunningham, John Gaeta, Monte Hellman, Ken Russell, Joe Dante
WRITER(S): Dennis Bartok
PRODUCER(S): Dennis Bartok, Michael Frislev, Yoshifumi Hosoya, Yuko Yoshikawa
LOCATIONS: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Seven strangers on a Hollywood movie studio tour are trapped inside an infamous House of Horror and forced to tell their most terrifying stories to get out alive.

Wraparound Story
Director: JOE DANTE

Ultra Studios is one of Hollywoods oldest and most venerable movie companies — and like Universal and Warner Bros., its discovered theres money to be made by opening its doors to the public. On an ordinary day, a group of strangers sign up for an hour-long tour of the legendary sound stages including: PHOEBE, 30, a semi-successful actress and her sarcastic screenwriter boyfriend ANDY, 34; a pair of upscale New Yorkers — architect HENRY, 40, and his uptight wife JULIA, 38; an over-the-hill screenwriter of B-pictures, LEO, 74; and a young woman who works at a revival movie theatre in town, NATHALIE, 28. They pile on board a red bus, and an eccentric, elderly TOUR GUIDE shows them the sights — including the infamous House of Horrors used in director Desmond Hackers notorious 1960s thriller Hysteria. While exploring the long-neglected set, the tourists are trapped inside a bizarre octagonal-shaped room with no windows and locked doors — just like the doomed characters in the old movie were. It quickly becomes apparent that some sinister, unseen Manipulator is forcing the six visitors to relive the plot of Hysteria by telling their most terrifying stories to stay alive:

Episode 1 — The Girl With Golden Breasts

Phoebe is just one of many invisible young actresses struggling to get noticed in Hollywood. So she decides to improve her chances by getting brand new breasts. Theyre the latest in plastic surgery technology: not made from silicon or gel implants, but from reprocessed human cadavers. Phoebes stagnated career soon makes an amazing turnaround: shes getting hired for bigger and bigger roles, and she even finds a brand-new boyfriend. Everythings going great and she feels she owes it all to her gorgeous breasts. But her boyfriend starts waking up with red bite marks on his back and Phoebe discovers that her new breasts have a hunger all their own.

Episode 2 — Jibaku (Evil Spirit)

American architect, Henry, and his wife Julia are visiting Japan for the first time. Henrys always dreamed of making this trip but Julia hasnt, and as soon as they arrive she starts having dark premonitions and disturbing visions of some impending horror. Her intuition is soon proved correct when they discover the hanged body of a Buddhist monk whos committed suicide, in a remote wooded area of an ancient temple. That night Julia is visited by the spirit of the dead man, who makes passionate love to her in her dreams. Soon she finds herself drawn further and further into the dark land of the dead leaving her husband Henry to desperately try to bring her back into the world of the living.

Episode 3 –Stanleys Girlfriend

In Hollywood, 1957, two ambitious young filmmakers become unlikely friends: Leo, writer of sadistic little B-pictures like The Strangler, and a soon-to-be-famous director named Stanley. They find they share a passion for photography, jazz — and chess. During all-night chess matches, the two men open their creative souls to each other. Nothing could come between them — until the day Stanley shows up with a mysterious girlfriend, Nina. Theres something ancient and modern about her, some indefinable, irresistible quality that drives Stanley half-mad with desire, turning his back on his work, his films, his friend Leo.

After a long silence, Leo receives an invitation to play chess one afternoon — but when he arrives at the apartment, he finds Stanley has left town on a film project, leaving girlfriend Nina behind. Leo cant resist tasting the forbidden fruit, even if it means betraying his best friend Stanley. But he soon discovers that Ninas love comes with its own terrible price to pay …

Episode 4 — My Twin, The Worm
Director: JOHN GAETA

Before she was born, Nathalies parents had a tumultuous marriage. In the mid-1970s, her mother and father relocated from France to work at the familys vineyard in the California wine country. Her devilishly handsome father Vincent was unable to resist any female temptation — and her mother Martine suffered in silence, complaining only to her closest friend, Annie. Martine was overjoyed when she learned she was pregnant with Nathalie — until the doctor revealed that something else was growing inside her along with the baby: a six-foot long tapeworm. Unable to kill the worm for fear of aborting the fetus, Martine was forced to let the worm and the baby Nathalie grow side by side, until, in some twisted way, the two became symbiotically linked. The worm was finally killed soon after Nathalie was born — but she never forgot her phantom twin. Years later, after Vincent has abandoned Martine to marry her best friend Annie, Nathalie finds herself living with an unfeeling father and a neurotic, spiteful stepmother. But her twin, the worm, will soon return to exact an excruciating vengeance on Annie and Vincent.

After the four stories are finished, the tourists find themselves freed from the claustrophobic House of Horrors.

But not before the final sinister chapter to each of their stories is revealed …

• Henry Gibson . . . Tour Guide
• John Saxon . . . Leo
• Rachel Veltri . . . Phoebe
• Tahmoh Penikett . . . Young Leo
• Tygh Runyan . . . Stanley
• Amelia Cooke . . . Nina
• Jayce Bartok . . . Andy
• Lara Harris . . . Julia
• Scott Lowell . . . Henry
• Barbara Pelletier . . . Nathalie/Martine
• Scott Heindl . . . Zack

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