Iron Road

WRITER(S): Barry Pearson, Raymond Storey
PRODUCER(S): Raymond Massey, Anne Tait,
Barry Pearson
AIR DATE: August 9, 2009 & August 16, 2009.
DISTRIBUTOR(S): Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
LOCATIONS: British Columbia, Canada; Hengdian, China

It’s 1882 and Alfred Nichol, the tycoon building the railroad through the massive Rocky mountains, faces bankruptcy! His banker, George Grant, would call his loans, except that his daughter is crazy about Nichol’s playboy son, James.

Desperate, Nichol dispatches James to China to hire a crew of “Chinks” to blast a track through the rock, at rock-bottom wages.

When James arrives, he’s accosted by a street urchin nicknamed ‘Little Tiger’, whose fierce ambition is to get to North America, where his father died mysteriously, working on the railroad.

In a fight with a Chinese gang lord, Little Tiger saves James’s life. James is grateful and agrees to hire the kid on his crew sailing to the new world.

He never suspects the truth: that Little Tiger is actually a beautiful young woman who has disguised herself to work in a man’s world … and that she’s falling in love with him!

As their railcar approaches the camp, Little Tiger sees grave-markers along the track – signs of the Chinese who have died on the cliffs. And once they arrive, she’s in for more shocks: the white bosses are racists, the work is back-breaking, and her tyrannical Chinese boss, The Book Man, is involved in some kind of scam to pocket the wages of the dead Chinese workers.

At the same time, her attraction to James mounts until, under the moon at a secret mountain pool, she decides to reveal her secret to him.

When the Book Man and his cohorts discover that Little Tiger is about to expose their scam, they plot a fatal “accident” for the kid on the sheer rock face.

Now everything is at stake — Little Tiger’s life, James’s love for her, and her search for the truth about her father.

• Peter O’Toole . . . Relic
• Sam Neill . . . Alfred Nichol
• Sun Li . . . Little Tiger
• Tony Leung Ka Fai . . . The Bookman
• Gao Yun Xiang . . . Wang Ma
• Kenneth Mitchell . . . Edgar
• Ian Tracey . . . Controller
• Charlotte Sullivan . . . Melanie Grant

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