The Busy World is Hushed (Drama Play Audio CD)


For those fans who still want to hear Luke in this radio version of the LA Theatre Works stage production of the Off-Broadway play by Keith Bunin, you can still buy and it’s 40% off if you buy it before November 28th.

You can buy it by clicking here

The Busy World Is Hushed


It’s finally here!

The reprise stage play of the 2006 Off-Broadway play by Keith Bunin, The Busy World Is Hushed, done at the Skirball Cultural Center of Los Angeles, in February of 2007, for LA Theatre Works, has finally come to CD!

The original actors, Jill Clayburgh, Hamish Linklater, and Luke MacFarlane, reprise their respective roles, for a five day recording session on stage for the audience.

Now, this radio broadcast, which was broadcasted in May of 2007, has finally arrived to CD, and you can finally purchase your own very copy and get to hear Luke MacFarlane’s voice in action!


With wisdom, humor and insight, THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED examines the contradictions we find in our faith, our families and ourselves. Hannah, a widowed Episcopal minister, is hoping to translate a long-lost gospel when she is challenged by both her scholarly assistant and her wayward gay son. But when family secrets are revealed, only the intercession of a stranger can help Hannah find peace. This audio production includes an exclusive interview with playwright Keith Bunin.“You can purchase your copy by clicking the link below:
LA Theatre Works’ The Busy World Is Hushed CD

Please check out our The Busy World Is Hushed page for Luke here.

The Busy World is Hushed (audio)


For those of you who missed hearing the radio version of the stage play that Luke was in this past February, it is still available at the PRX website. You will need to register in order to access the online audio, but it is well worth it.

You can find the link by going here.

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