Bonus Videos from Brothers & Sisters S3 DVD are now up


Deleted scenes, bloopers & outttakes, and some part of the Mother special has been now posted to the media centre under “TV Clips > Brothers & Sisters > Season 3 > DVD Bonus”. Enjoy!! :) The clips are mainly focused around Luke. Did not include most others if you wish to enjoy the rest, please buy the DVD boxset.


Brothers & Sisters 3rd Season DVD Boxset Announced!


Disney/Buena Vista/Touchstone just announced the DVD boxset for the 3rd season for Brothers & Sisters set to be released on September 1, 2009. The DVD boxset will contain all 24 episodes (1008 minutes) on 6 discs and include an Interview with Sally Field and Patricia Wettig, a Cast Visit with a Real-Life Family Winery in Ojai, CA, some Cast and Crew High Jinks on Location, plus Bloopers and Deleted Scenes. Retail price is USD $59.99 / CAD $79.99. Please see picture below for the boxart.

Source: TVShowsonDVD.Com

“Iron Road” available now for purchase


For all countries who couldn’t buy Iron Road via Play.Com, Amazon.Co.Uk now has it up for pre-order!!

Click here!!

The link is clean. Amazon will send it to almost any country just as long as you pay for the postage. Buy the DVD. Support Luke! :) Watch for his bum! :)

Oh, looks like the date was changed to March 2nd, and not Februray 3rd. LoL…that’s what happens when numbers are reversed from American<->UK.

ETA: Now, they’ve changed the dates to February 9th. Can they not make up their minds? Sheesh.


Iron Road UK DVD (Region 2 / PAL)


Looks like Amazon.Co.Uk got a pic of the DVD cover and it looks sweet! Btw, forgot to mention last time, this is rated “12” by the BBFC, which is almost equivalent to USA’s PG-13. I also just learned that Luke has a slight nude scene in this series. Two shots…one naked rear and one frontal (from a long shot). If this isn’t an incentive to buy, I don’t know what is. :P

Anyway, here is that DVD cover:

Iron Road Status


First, sorry to the fans in Spain, I didn’t find out until now. Iron Road aired this past January 1, 2009, on Tele5 channel at 16:00 (4:00 P.M.). I am not sure if there will be a re-broadcast. The Spanish title is “El último tren desde Oriente“.

Second, Iron Road will be making a DVD debut in the UK (United Kingdom) on February 9, 2009. This is a region 2 DVD. I believe it has not aired in the U.K. at all. But at least it is being released as a video there (even before being aired in Canada or the USA). Amazon UK has yet to place a full listing for the DVD; even though, there is a placemarker for it. However, Play.Com has a listing for it. You can go directly to this link to pre-order it now. Play.Com unfortunately only serves European customers. In addition, for you UK fans, LoveFilm.Com will start renting this movie on March 2, 2009 (or February 3, 2009…not sure which). You can access the direct link to check it out.

ETA: Oops, one small minor detail left out. UK DVDs are PAL. So, for your NTSC countries (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.) and non-PAL countries (France, etc.), make sure your DVD player is region free and can convert the video signal. OR, if you have a HDTV (High Definition Television), the video signal doesn’t really matter. OR, you can just play off your computer DVD-ROM and watch it on your computer monitor.

Brothers & Sisters – Season 2 DVD


In just 9 days, on September 23, 2008, season 2 DVD boxset for Brothers & Sisters will go on sale in the USA/Canada regions. If you haven’t pre-ordered, please do so now. :) Hopefully many of the extras will include Luke. This is uncertain until the actual boxset is due out in stores. But do buy it if you love the show.

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