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The 4th annual Top Hot 100 has arrived, and today, the final poll results for the AfterElton 2011 Top Hot 100 are posted and thanks to all the fans out there, who visit this site, and other fansites, as well as visit the Facebook fansite for Luke, Luke Macfarlane has placed #6 out of 100 beating out many contenders and tough (stiff) competition. In front of him are the following: Darren Criss (#1), Adam Lambert (#2), Chris Colfer (#3), Neil Patrick Harris (#4), and John Barrowman (#5).

Thank you for your votes and caring so much for Luke Macfarlane. I’m sure he’s getting teased by his theatre mates as the word is spreading about his “hotness” factor.

This year, placing 6th drops Luke Macfarlane down by two positions, compared to 4th place in 2010. In the previous years, Luke Macfarlane was ranked as follows:

2010 : #4 out of 100
2009 : #3 out of 100
2008 : #2 out of 100

What AfterElton.Com has to say

Brothers & Sisters Officially Canceled by ABC


ABC has announced official cancellation of the family drama, Brothers & Sisters, in order to make room for their new drama pilot pickups for the 2010-2011 season. The cancellation was inevitable as Brothers & Sisters has seen a massive decline in ratings over the course of its 5th season, as the demo ratings (the ratings that actually matters to sponsors/advertisers) declined from a 3.1 down to a 1.8. The writing was on the wall prior hand when ABC cut the budget for Brothers & Sisters and wanted to minimize the cast to lessen the cost. The exit of Rob Lowe (Robert McCallister), followed by Emily Vancamp (Rebecca Harper-Walker) and then Patricia Wettig (Holly Harper) has exemplified that the series cannot attain the high standards it once had in its glory days. After Patricia Wettig left, the ratings fell even faster and Brothers & Sisters could not redeem what it once had in terms of ratings. People left in droves and the numbers kept falling.

The cast did celebrate its 100th episode run during season 5, so there was some celebration. The cast and crew believed that Paul Lee, the VP of Television Media, was not going to cancel Brothers & Sisters and the writing team never created a series finale and just a season finale. However, the season finale of Brothers & Sisters was good enough to be a series finale. The series did end on a positive note. There are still questions to be answered, but we will never know what the answers will be for the future of Kevin & Scotty and their family, Kitty and her new beau, Seth, Nora and her rekindled romance with Brody, and Saul and Jonathan if whether they got married or not.

Luke Macfarlane is still in New York and still doing The Normal Heart on Broadway. He probably has heard about it from his agent or manager that the show has been canceled by ABC (actors are the last to know about everything).

To Luke, we hope you find a new project soon as your fans miss seeing you already.


AfterElton.Com’s Top HOT 100 for 2011 now live!!


This marks the 5th year of the Top Hot 100. AfterElton.Com brings again this year’s voting to gay and bi men around the world their picks for the hottest men. Ten (10) slots are available for names to be inputted as is in the past. The names will be counted and the most names submitted will get placed higher in the ranking.

Last year, Luke Macfarlane placed 4th place in 2010 (Luke Macfarlane placed 3rd place in 2009 and 2008) behind the likes of Neil Patrick Harris (#1), Scott Evans (#2), and John Barrowman (#3).

This year will be tough as the competition is more fiercer than ever. Popular contender, Chris Colfer has a chance to be in the top 5 and lower Luke’s ranking down. The same can go for Darren Criss, who has become this season’s major star from the Glee cast, and could place in the top 5. And for those who keep up with AfterElton.Com know that other celebrities and big name players will come into play to vie for the coveted top 10 spot.

It is our job as Luke Macfarlane fans to help Luke get to #1 quickly.

Voting starts on May 2nd (so it is going on now!!) and ends on May 13th at midnight EST/EDT (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time). So, you have 10 days to vote. Voting is amazingly opened to EVERYONE. Yup, this is the first year that AfterElton.Com has officially opened the poll to their female readership and to their straight friends and allies.

This year, AfterElton.Com also dropped their sub-categories (Men of Color, Men over 40, and Hottest Gay Men) as they weren’t getting many submissions for them.

But, anyway, why are you reading this? Get over to AfterElton.Com RIGHT NOW and VOTE!!!!!

The Normal Heart

Luke heading to New York to co-star in a Broadway play in April


The play is called Normal Heart, written by Larry Kramer, which tells the story of the early years of the AIDS epidemic in New York and the silence that follows from both the political and media outlets. Luke Macfarlane plays two roles, Craig Donner, and Grady. He joins the production with the likes of Ellen Barkin, Patrick Breen, John Benjamin Hickey, Joe Mantello, Lee Pace, and Jim Parsons. Normal Heart is directed by Joel Grey and produced by Daryl Roth and Paul Boskind. It will take place at the Golden Theatre, where Driving Miss Daisy is currently performing.

The play will preview beginning April 19th, before its opening on April 27th. It will run through 12 weeks until its final performance on July 3rd. Ticket prices range from $26.50 to $116.50. Tickets can be purchased via the main website at The Normal Heart

A brief synopsis:

The story of a city in denial, The Normal Heart unfolds like a real-life political thriller — as a tight-knit group of friends refuses to let doctors, politicians and the press bury the truth of an unspoken epidemic behind a wall of silence.

Pics (hopefully) will come soon.

Luke Macfarlane at the premiere of the musical, “Dangerous Beauty”


On February 13, Luke Macfarlane attended the Musical Opening Night Peformance at Pasadena Playhouse in California.

From the Pasadena Playhouse website, Dangerous Beauty is described as thus:

DANGEROUS BEAUTY, based on a true story, tells the tumultuous tale of Veronica Franco, a celebrated courtesan/poet of 16th century Venice. Forced to become a courtesan when her family fortune is lost, preventing her from marrying the man she loves, Veronica ultimately embraces the courtesan life because it affords her extraordinary education and access. It is not long before she is the most influential woman in the cultural and political life of her beloved city. As Veronica’s star rises, however, Venice is ravaged by war, plague, and the Inquisition. When Veronica finds herself on trial for witchcraft, she realizes that only her personal integrity can save her. DANGEROUS BEAUTYis adapted from the New Regency screenplay The Honest Courtesan written by Jeannine Dominy, released as the film Dangerous Beauty and inspired by the scholarly book The Honest Courtesan by USC Professor Margaret Rosenthal.

Presented by Pasadena Playhouse, in association with Susan Dietz and Tara Smith.
Book by Jennine Dominy
Lyrics by Amanda McBroom
Music by Michele Brourman
Directed by Sheryl Kaller
Choreography by Benoit-Swan Pouffer
Musical Direction by Fred Lassen
Orchestrations by Bruce Coughlin, orchestrations
Vocal Design by AnnMarie Milazzo
Additional Orchestrations by Ben Butler
Scenic Design by Tom Buderwitz
Costume Design by Soyon An
Lighting Design by Russell Champa
Sound Design by Jon Weston
Fight Direction by Brian Danner
Casting by Howie Cherpakov,
Casting by Amy Lieberman
Production Stage Management by Joe Witt


Jenny Powers as Veronica Franco
James Snyder as Marco
Laila Robins as Paola
Bryce Rynessas Maffio
Michael Rupert as Domenico
Megan McGinnis as Beatrice
John Antony as Pietro
Morgan Weed as Giulia
John Antony as Pietro
Michael Baker as Bishop Della Torre
Joe Mandragona as Tintoretto
Nigel Columbus as Ramberti
Marcus Choi as Tron
Matthew Tyler as Grand Inquisitor
Iresole Cardona as Courtesan/Wife
Meg Gillentine as Courtesan/Wife
Jessica Lee Keller as Courtesan/Wife/Dance Captain
Katherine Malak as Courtesan/Wife
Angela Wildflower Polk as Courtesan/Wife
Angel Reda as Courtesan/Wife
Jessica Vosk as Courtesan/Wife

Dangerous Beauty Musical Opening pictures of Luke Macfarlane

Luke Birthday Banner

Happy 31st Birthday Luke Macfarlane!!!


Luke Macfarlane officially turns 31 today, January 19th. Along with his twin sister, Ruth, they both officially have surpassed the 30 year mark and onto the road towards their next decade goal.

Happy Birthday to Luke Macfarlane from all your fans here at LMFO!

And to commemorate this occasion, Sherine has made a nice little birthday banner in your honor…

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