Scene from Erection

Luke Macfarlane in a new erotic, short film entitled “ERECTION”


Luke Macfarlane is starring in a new short roughly 9-minute movie called, Erection, in which he plays Dean. It is a straight role and a leading, edgier role at that, in which the character of Dean is making out with Shelby (played by Bonnie Swencionis) yet has performance problems in bed.

The best part of this short is showcasing that no matter what sexual preference Luke is, his acting chops are in full swing and is very believable in this role. For many fans, gay and straight, I think you will enjoy this as this really shows some Luke skin (for what it’s worth). :)

This short is written by Tannaz Hazemi and James Grimaldi, and produced by Grayson Ross and Joe Labbadia in association with Pudding Boy Productions.

Video is after the jump, and yes, I have screenshots, which will be available in the gallery.

Video of the movie, Erection

Trapped Ashes DVD (USA & Canada)


Lionsgate Films has finally released the date for sale for this horror film. The DVD is set to be released on July 15, 2008. I will be placing this date on the calendar.

For more information about this movie, please check out the Trapped Ashes page under CAREER.

For what it’s worth, I have included their version of the DVD Cover:

Trapped Ashes – Screencaps and Video


I finally got my copy of the German DVD of Trapped Ashes and have finally screencapped and took some of the video from this movie.

You can find the video over at the Media Centre under “Movie Clips > Trapped Ashes”. There are two parts. It’s not the whole movie. Just the parts with Luke in them, so if you don’t understand what is happening, please buy the movie. The way to buy is in an older post listed below.

Also, Lionsgate, which holds the R1 DVD rights for USA & Canada, will be releasing Trapped Ashes on DVD in December of 2008. Just FYI. :)

As for the screencaps, you can find those at the gallery.

• 578 x Trapped Ashes : DVD Screencaps


Trapped Ashes – DVD


I just found this out now, but it’s a bit late news.

Germany has released on January 25, 2008, the first ever DVD of the movie, Trapped Ashes, which Luke MacFarlane had a role in the 4th part of the movie. You can find the DVD by clicking here. First off, the DVD is PAL and not NTSC format, so for your NTSC countries (USA, Canada, Japan, etc.), you’ll need a dvd player that can convert PAL signal to NTSC format, or if you have a HDTV set, you don’t need to worry since HDTV has no problem. And second off, you need to have a region-free dvd player to be able to play it.

I will be buying this so I can get some screencaps of Luke from this movie

Trapped Ashes

“Iron Road” & Fancast Beta


Alchemy TV now lists Iron Road to come out in April of 2008.

Will keep up on this if any further changes have occurred.

Fancast Beta is a website dedicated to the online fan community of all things Hollywood TV & Movies, and they offer streaming videos (thanks to Hulu.Com) of your favorite stars and their videos, especially TV shows. They have a page on Luke MacFarlane that you can find by clicking here, and they have a list of videos you can watch that has Luke MacFarlane in them, including all 13 episodes of the series, Over There.

Iron Road – MSNBC Coverage of “China’s Rising Film Production”


Hello everyone,

This MSNBC coverage came out on October 20th. I just learned of it now.

I have the video of this coverage uploaded to the Media Centre under TV Clips > Iron Road. Video is not that great of a quality. But do enjoy watching! :)

Here are several screencaps from that video:

• 14 x Iron Road – MSNBC Coverage of “China’s Rising Film Production”

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