Luke Macfarlane to guest on CW’s “Beauty and the Beast”


Luke Macfarlane will have a guest starring role on CW‘s Beauty and the Beast (loosely based on the 1987 CBS series of the same name), which stars Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk. Luke will play Phillippe Bertrand, a talented director of the Bertrand Ballet Company. His appearance starts with episode 2. Not sure if this is a one time ordeal or recurring as of yet. Beauty and the Beast premieres on October 11th (which makes Luke’s appearance on October 18th). Mark your calendars, everyone! I will try to get screencaps and a working video up by then.


HQ versions of Brothers & Sisters Promo Pics 5.16 ~ 5.22


And so, I finally got my hands on the HQ versions of these promo pics of Luke Macfarlane in Brothers & Sisters that were MQ’s. They have all been upgraded to HQ’s and I got a three more pics for 5.22 that I didn’t have before.

You can see them in the gallery under Brothers & Sisters > Season 5 > Episode Stills

Upgraded HQ pics

Brothers & Sisters Officially Canceled by ABC


ABC has announced official cancellation of the family drama, Brothers & Sisters, in order to make room for their new drama pilot pickups for the 2010-2011 season. The cancellation was inevitable as Brothers & Sisters has seen a massive decline in ratings over the course of its 5th season, as the demo ratings (the ratings that actually matters to sponsors/advertisers) declined from a 3.1 down to a 1.8. The writing was on the wall prior hand when ABC cut the budget for Brothers & Sisters and wanted to minimize the cast to lessen the cost. The exit of Rob Lowe (Robert McCallister), followed by Emily Vancamp (Rebecca Harper-Walker) and then Patricia Wettig (Holly Harper) has exemplified that the series cannot attain the high standards it once had in its glory days. After Patricia Wettig left, the ratings fell even faster and Brothers & Sisters could not redeem what it once had in terms of ratings. People left in droves and the numbers kept falling.

The cast did celebrate its 100th episode run during season 5, so there was some celebration. The cast and crew believed that Paul Lee, the VP of Television Media, was not going to cancel Brothers & Sisters and the writing team never created a series finale and just a season finale. However, the season finale of Brothers & Sisters was good enough to be a series finale. The series did end on a positive note. There are still questions to be answered, but we will never know what the answers will be for the future of Kevin & Scotty and their family, Kitty and her new beau, Seth, Nora and her rekindled romance with Brody, and Saul and Jonathan if whether they got married or not.

Luke Macfarlane is still in New York and still doing The Normal Heart on Broadway. He probably has heard about it from his agent or manager that the show has been canceled by ABC (actors are the last to know about everything).

To Luke, we hope you find a new project soon as your fans miss seeing you already.


Brothers & Sisters 5.22 Episode Stills


Better late than never. I finally posted them into the gallery and just thought I give the heads up on these stills. They are only MQs but I hope to acquire the HQs one of these days.

Brothers & Sisters 5.22 pics


Brothers & Sisters Promotional Pics for Episode 5.20


MQ (medium quality) of the promotional pictures for Episode 5.20 of Brothers & Sisters (shown after the jump).

Brothers & Sisters Episode 5.20


Brothers & Sisters Promotional Pics for Episode 5.19


MQ (medium quality) of the promotional pictures for Episode 5.19 of Brothers & Sisters (shown after the jump).

Brothers & Sisters Episode 5.19

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