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4 More Pics from the AFA Illuminations Awards


And four more pics popped up since yesterday with Luke in them from this event. In this set, he’s with David Marshall Grant, one of the writers of “Brothers & Sisters”.

Pics from The American Fertility Association Illuminations Awards


On April 4th, Luke Macfarlane was a presenter of the Advocacy Award for “Brothers & Sisters”. Several pics from that event has surfaced; however, I only have the MQs (medium quality). If anyone knows anyone or has access to HQs/Hi-Res versions, please email me. You can find these pics under the gallery under “Public Appearances > 2009 Appearances” in the specified folder of the event.

A Tale of Two Events in April


Two events will take place in April, 2009, which I am hoping (and wishing) Luke will partake in.

The first event will be held on April 18, 2009, on a Saturday, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, and it is the GLAAD Media Awards. Brothers & Sisters was nominated by the GLAAD Media Awards for the third time for “Outstanding Drama Series” with its depiction of positive gay role models. The previous two years that Brothers & Sisters won, each year showcasing a clip of Kevin along with Scotty in a positive light, Luke has never been invited by the show to accept the award. This year, I do hope he will attend this event with great honor because it is a long time coming. Luke deserves to be recognized and be in the spotlight in the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles.

The second event will be held on April 30, 2009, on a Thursday, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Brothers & Sisters is one of eight shows being honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for “television with a conscious,” achievements in programming that explore issues of concern to our society in a compelling, emotional and insightful way. The episode in question for Brothers & Sisters is “Prior Commitments” (episode 2.16) which covers the topic of gay marriage (or in this case, civil union) on primetime. And this episode concerns both Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane who play Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell respectively. Actors and writers and producers can attend this event. Hopefully, ABC Studios has asked Luke to attend this event of being honored to be part of a program that has significant substance.

Fashion – LA Confidential Magazine (and other updates)


First the updates, I have posted 3 more pics from the Roma Fiction Fest.

I have also posted one pic from the GLSEN Respect Awards that occurred this past Friday.

And lastly, we come to the grand moment…yes, Luke did a fashion spread for LA Confidential Magazine and the spread is only available in the magazine. It’s ten glorious pages of handsome and debonair Luke! Hopefully this is the stepping stone to greater modeling jobs (crossing fingers for places like Esquire or GQ magazines). I have scanned them and placed them up in the gallery. The magazine is oversized and does not fit on normal scanners, so the hack photoshop job of attaching the pieces together is the best I can do. However, I will hopefully be rescanning them with a better one soon (crossing fingers), so the pictures may get replaced with better scans. Oh please purchase the magazine if you want a true hardcopy of these photos. The scans do the real pics no justice.

So, here they are and enjoy!! (Thanks to Luke member, PP, for the email tip about this magazine)

• 7 x LA Confidential Magazine Fashion Spread


Luke Macfarlane presented at the 4th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards on Oct. 10th


This past Friday, October 10th, Luke MacFarlane was one of the presenters at this 4th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards event show, which was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. GLSEN stands for “Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network”.

You can find information about this award event here.

Pictures from this event are pending (Hoping to gain access to 2 hi-res pictures). You can see what the pictures look like from the thumbnails down below but there is no access to the hi-res pictures yet. You can go to the photo hosting site directly to see pics from the event by clicking the thumbnails below.

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