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Brothers & Sisters finishes shooting on March 23, 2011


Brothers & Sisters finishes its last day of shooting and a wrap-up party for all the cast and crew was held.

A picture of Luke


12 Hours of Temecula


On January 22nd, Luke Macfarlane participated in a 12 hour bike marathon competition at Temecula, California. He and his teammates participated and achieved 3rd place finish in the race.

I have included some pictures from the event, which can be found in the gallery (candids > miscellaneous). In addition are some pictures from the same event taken place on November 13, 2010. After the jump, you can also view a nice little video featuring a happy-go-lucky Luke with teammates having fun at the event.

12 Hours of Temecular pictures and video

Luke Macfarlane at A Club Called Rhonda

Luke Macfarlane at A Club Called Rhonda in Los Angeles


On November 27, 2010, Luke Macfarlane appeared in a hot trendy (gay) night club in Los Angeles called A Club Called Rhonda, along with good friend and Where Are We Now co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (currently on the hit show, Modern Family). Someone snapped a picture of both of them as they were passing by another gay couple.

See picture


Some Candids of Luke Macfarlane while at London, UK, in June, 2010


Thanks to Suzi for lending me the pictures.

These three pictures are of Luke Macfarlane out and about in Central London, prior to heading to the Mahiki Club on the same day.

These are candid shots and the HQ versions can be found in the gallery under “Candids,” or you can view the pictures after the jump.

Luke Macfarlane in Central London


More candids of Luke Macfarlane outdoors


More pictures available of Luke Macfarlane outdoors participating in mountain biking events.

Pictures can be found in the gallery under CANDIDS.

Luke in the outdoors


Candid Luke Macfarlane picture at the HRC Chicago Gala 2010


Just a small picture taken by a fan of Luke Macfarlane at this past November 6, 2010, HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Chicago Gala.

Picture of Luke Macfarlane with fan

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