Equality Magazine Winter 2011


And, so, finally, after almost 3 months since the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) event that Luke Macfarlane attended back in November, the HRC has printed some excerpts of what Luke said at the HRC Chicago Gala 2010. I have included the two pages in the gallery that covers his interview in the Equality Magazine Winter 2011. They are HQs so they’re kinda big. There are some great stuff he said in this interview that you will want to read. You may want to download the full version. (Remember to use the (i) on the lightbox to access the information page which will bring you to the normal page and then click on the picture to get the full size).

Equality Magazine Winter 2011

Luke Macfarlane interviewed by Attitude Magazine

Luke Macfarlane interviewed in Attitude magazine


Sorry for the lateness, but I had a problem with Attitude and trying to get my digital copy. I have ripped the two page spread of Luke Macfarlane that was in Attitude magazine and have posted the magazine spread in my gallery. The file is over 2MB so it will take some time to download.

Article on Luke Macfarlane

Luke Macfarlane advocates about his passion in the April, 2009, issue of “The Advocate”


In the current issue of The Advocate, on the last page is a one page full blurb on Luke Macfarlane and his passion on what he advocates.

I have scanned the page and uploaded the page along with the cover that has his name printed on it to the gallery. The scan is huge and eats a little over 6 MB worth of downloading for the page, and over 8 MB for the cover itself.


Scans of Out100 Magazine and Metro Source LA



I have finally scanned both magazines. They can be found in the gallery in their respective spots.

One picture from Out 100 Magazine, November 2008 issue, and two pictures from Metro Source LA, December 2008 to January 2009 issue. The Metro Source LA has both the cover and the article scanned. For the Out 100, only the article was scanned, and it is the same as the one found on the Out.Com website.

Luke Macfarlane Honored by Out Magazine in their “Out100”


Luke has been honored as one of the top 100 out celebrities and personas for the year 2008 in their recent Out Magazine.

(Scan of magazine to come later).

Direct Link :

Click here to read about it!

LA Confidential Magazine // Re-Scanned


I have rescanned the pages and re-uploaded them into the gallery. They’re bigger than before and they’re much better quality than previously. They’ve been color corrected and contrasted and saturated and whatever else I can do in Corel Paint Shop Pro X12 and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

They are located in the gallery section.


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