Scene from Erection

Screencaps for “Erection” are now posted to the gallery




Scene from Erection

Luke Macfarlane in a new erotic, short film entitled “ERECTION”


Luke Macfarlane is starring in a new short roughly 9-minute movie called, Erection, in which he plays Dean. It is a straight role and a leading, edgier role at that, in which the character of Dean is making out with Shelby (played by Bonnie Swencionis) yet has performance problems in bed.

The best part of this short is showcasing that no matter what sexual preference Luke is, his acting chops are in full swing and is very believable in this role. For many fans, gay and straight, I think you will enjoy this as this really shows some Luke skin (for what it’s worth). :)

This short is written by Tannaz Hazemi and James Grimaldi, and produced by Grayson Ross and Joe Labbadia in association with Pudding Boy Productions.

Video is after the jump, and yes, I have screenshots, which will be available in the gallery.

Video of the movie, Erection

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Screencaps


If you have not noticed by now, the remaining screencaps from episode 4.13 through 4.24 are now posted in the gallery. These were the remaining screencaps for season 4, and they are now all done before season 5 starts.

If people still want the videos, please tell me, and I’ll post the remaining videos up as well.

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Screencaps

Brothers & Sisters 4.11 Screencaps & Video Clips


Screencaps and video clips for episode 4.11 of Brothers & Sisters are done and ready to be viewed for your enjoyment! :)

The video clips can be viewed through “Media > Video Player”. Five scenes in all.

Screencaps are available within the gallery under “Brothers & Sisters > Season 4 > Screencaps”.

• 215 x Brothers & Sisters 4.11 Screencaps

Brothers & Sisters Screencaps for 4.07, 4.08, 4.09 & 4.10


As promised, I have finally finished doing the screencaps and have uploaded all of them into the gallery. My New Year’s Resolution is done and the day before the next episode hits too!

• 958 x Brothers & Sisters 4.07 Screencaps

• 480 x Brothers & Sisters 4.08 Screencaps

• 402 x Brothers & Sisters 4.09 Screencaps

• 338 x Brothers & Sisters 4.10 Screencaps

Brothers & Sisters 4.06 Screencaps & Video Clips


Better late than never…

Video clips of episode 4×06 can be found in the Video Player. You can access it under the Media category listed above. FIVE scenes in all. The clips on there now are in HD (high definition), 1280×720, running mp4 files.

(Due Note: For those with slow bandwidths/connections, please wait for the video to fully load. If you cannot see it, it’s still being downloaded. Please wait patiently.)

4.06 clips will also be available in the Media Centre soon.

In addition, screencaps are also done for this episode. These you can access directly in the gallery under “Brothers & Sisters > Season 4 > Screencaps”.


• 754 x Brothers & Sisters: 4×06 Screencaps

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