Video Interviews from Monte Carlo


Thanks to Sherine for the heads up…

These were video interviews done with Luke Macfarlane from last summer’s Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010. These are missing interviews that weren’t showcased last summer. Thankfully, they are available now.

The first video is of Luke Macfarlane only. (Translation of questions in blockquote)

1) Will Scotty be staying a long time?
2) Another Scotty?
3) Scotty and his parents…
4) Representation of homosexuality on television
5) No censorship?
6) You sang in the season 4 finale
7) A favorite scene in season 4?
8) A favorite character in the show?
9) Will season 5 be the last?
10) Over There…
11) Hottest actor according to AfterElton
12) Your favorite shows?

The second video is of Luke Macfarlane with Emily Vancamp. (Translation of questions in blockquote)

1) What is your favorite show?
2) Your favorite moments on the show.
3) What has changed for your character?
4) What’s going to happen in season 5?


Australian press, SX, interviews Luke Macfarlane


Thanks to Laira for pointing out this old, yet new interview. The interview just recently came out in Australia, but the actual interview took place before the stage production of Sam Bendrix. You can read the full interview after the jump.

SX Interview

Luke Macfarlane interviewed by Attitude Magazine

Luke Macfarlane interviewed in Attitude magazine


Sorry for the lateness, but I had a problem with Attitude and trying to get my digital copy. I have ripped the two page spread of Luke Macfarlane that was in Attitude magazine and have posted the magazine spread in my gallery. The file is over 2MB so it will take some time to download.

Article on Luke Macfarlane

Entertainment Tonight Canada interviews Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhys


ET Canada interviews Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhys. The interview has clips from episode 5.03 of Brothers & Sisters.

The video interview

Luke Macfarlane interviewed in InToronto


Luke Macfarlane interviewed by InToronto, an online gay & lesbian living, site.

InToronto article and interview

Luke Macfarlane interviewed along with Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable for TODAY


Luke Macfarlane was recently interviewed for TODAYonline along with Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable.

TODAY article and interview

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