Small interview with Spanish online publication elPerió


Thanks to Laira for pointing out the small, but interesting interview with Spanish online news portal, elPerió

I have included the whole interview after the jump. I do need a proper translation though, but I am including a rough translation from Google Translator with some minor tweaking from me.

Read the interview with Luke Macfarlane

Interview with Luke Macfarlane from Ozap, French website


An interview was posted with Luke Macfarlane during the Monte Carlo TV Festival. This one is done by OZAP, which is a French entertainment website.

The interview is all in French, and thanks to Stephanie, she gave me an English translation (which I’ve corrected and made some minor adjustments).

Source: OZAP

You can read the English translation of the interview with Luke Macfarlane here

Submit Questions to Luke Macfarlane at the Monte Carlo TV Festival


Do you have questions for Luke Macfarlane and/or Emily VanCamp? Would you like to have them answered?

Deadline: June 5, 2010.

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Luke Macfarlane & Matthew Rhys Interview with AfterElton.Com


You can find this wonderful interview of Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhys discussing their roles on Brothers & Sisters amongst other things. Please click on the link below. Unfortunately I cannot post it since Michael Jensen told me not to, so I’m going to link it for now and probably down the road post the whole thing (so that it won’t get lost in limbo).

Edit (5/4/2010): I have now included the full article.

Source: AfterElton.Com’s Interview with Matthew Rhys & Luke Macfarlane

Read the full article!

Luke holding a handful of beets

Luke will blog as Scotty Wandell on Bloggers & Sisters


According to Bloggers & Sisters, the official blog of Brothers & Sisters, Luke Macfarlane will start blogging as Scotty Wandell with the help of writing assistant, John Kazlauskas.

Here is the blurb from the blog: (Source: Bloggers & Sisters)

SIDE DISH – Scotty’s Food Blog

Luke holding a handful of beets

Luke holding a handful of beets

Beginning this Monday (November 16) Scotty Wandell fans have a new weekly treat to look forward to – SIDE DISH, Scotty’s very own food blog. But wait, Scotty’s a fictional character…so who is actually going to be writing this new blog? Well, who knows Scotty better than Luke Macfarlane himself.

“All my life, I’ve loved writing. In high school I used to write short stories all the time. So when I first had the idea of writing a food blog as Scotty, I knew that I also wanted to do most of the writing. I asked John Kazlauskas to be involved as well, but it’s just the two of us who will be writing everything you see posted.”

But that’s the last time you’ll hear that Luke and John are doing the writing:

“We wanted this to come completely from Scotty’s world — to feel totally real and intimate. Like the show is alive outside of Sunday night. So you won’t see John’s or my name anywhere on the blog. This is from Scotty. Even down to the pictures we’re taking. We’re not going to use ABC publicity stills from the show. We’re doing what Scotty would do: take pictures with his phone.”

How did the idea for the blog come about?

“I love going out to eat and the idea came while I was out eating with some friends. It just seemed like a fun opportunity to explore more about who Scotty is. And, unlike Scotty, I’m not much of a cook so this is a chance for me to learn something, too.”

What can we expect to see on the blog?

“It’s basically everything food-related that’s going on for Scotty when he’s not on screen. It might be his musings on a particular food or food trend, his kitchen tips, a copy of his favorite recipes or just stories about his random culinary adventures. But it’s all real. John and I are actually doing everything we write about whether it’s pickling beets or doing a tasting of frozen TV dinners. It’s going to be a lot of fun”

Luke tasting some sauce.

Luke tasting some sauce.

SIDE DISH launches on Monday, November 16. A new SIDE DISH will be posted the Monday following every new episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS.

Entertainment Focus’ Interview with Luke Macfarlane


A new interview with Luke Macfarlane has popped up and it’s a good interview. Lots of topic we have already seen and heard, but a few new ones. Enjoy!

Source: Entertainment Focus

Interview: Luke Macfarlane
Submitted by Pip on Tue, 10/20/2009 – 06:05

Luke Macfarlane is quickly establishing himself as a leading man in Hollywood by bringing a winning combination of charm, versatility and intelligence to his roles. He plays Scotty Wandell in the critically-acclaimed drama Brothers & Sisters – and with the season three DVD released this week, we bring you an interview with the actor about his role on the show.

You appeared in the first season of ‘Brothers & Sisters’ as a guest star. Did you know back then that you would become a cast regular by the third season?

It’s funny, but I never imagined I would be a cast regular on Brothers & Sisters – especially by way of marriage. I remember riding bikes over to one of the sets a while ago and asking Matthew Rhys [who plays Luke’s lover on the show], “What do they have in store for us?” And he said, “I think we’re getting married.” It was a total surprise to me.

Were you excited about the prospect of becoming a series regular?

Definitely. It’s always really nice when you come into something and your agents tell you, “There’s a possibility for you to become a series regular here.” However, it was a complete surprise because I had no idea where they were going with the storyline. In fact, I continue to have no idea where they’re going with it.

Was there an immediate chemistry between you and Matthew Rhys?

We always got along very, very well and there was never any awkwardness between us. Matthew was ready to jump into the gay love affair with great aplomb, which was fantastic. I don’t think we’ve ever had any tension between us. It’s always been great.

Do you receive much fan mail on the show?

I’ve had a number of letters from the gay community talking about the lack of role models for gay people on television and how happy they are to see Scotty and Kevin together. I really applaud the show’s creators for depicting a real romance for them. I’m glad they didn’t go for any clichés.

Do you receive more letters from women or men?

I’m always surprised that I get as many letters from girls as I do from boys. In fact, I’m always amazed at the care these people put into some of the letters. Sometimes I get drawings and it’s totally flattering. At the end of the day, we wake up really early in the morning and we go to work to do our thing. We sometimes forget that the show gets beamed out into the universe, so it’s always very touching and flattering to receive mail about it.

How long does it take to shoot an episode?

We usually work on nine-day episodes. Hopefully they give us the script about a week in advance, but as you approach the end of a season, it sometimes arrives about two days before we start on an episode. I think we’re very fortunate because we have such terrific writers and terrific actors – and there is a real sense of collaboration on the show.

Do you have much input into your character?

Sure. After the first table read, which they try to do for every episode, the actors can approach the writers and say, “I think I might want to do this.” I love the way it’s open for us to do that. From my experience on other television shows, I haven’t seen as much collaboration between the actors and the writers. We’re very fortunate on Brothers & Sisters.

Can you change the wording in the script if you’re not satisfied with it?

Well, you can talk about it with the writers and change things. With certain producers you have to say every line as it’s written in the script, but there are other producers who let you do your own thing. That’s not to say we don’t respect the scripts tremendously – but the longer the show goes on, the more the actor owns the part. The writers and producers start to encourage us to say what we want to say.

Your character marries Kevin Walker in the show, but that’s something that most gay couples in California cannot do anymore. How did this storyline come about?

I find this a fascinating story because I think the election happened about a week after the show aired in the States – and then Prop 8 didn’t pass. It was amazing that we’d done this thing that was, without foresight, very provocative.

Did you enjoy filming the wedding scene?

It was wonderful. It kind of felt like we were doing something big – and it was all done with great care. The writers spoke with someone who had officiated gay marriages, so the words were very accurate and in line. It was all really beautiful.

How well does the cast get along?

We all get along extremely well. There’s a great camaraderie on our set and everyone is very professional. We all get on with our work, but we also hang out together when we’re not working. It’s a great show in that respect.

What’s it like to work with Matthew Rhys?

It’s great. Matthew is an incredible actor and an incredible guy. We both come from theatre backgrounds, so our approach to the material is very similar. I couldn’t be happier.

And what’s it like to work with Sally Field?

Sally Field is amazing. She really makes you raise your game when you’re on set. She’s like a leader in some ways. I remember one time specifically when we were filming a dinner scene and there was a lot of chatter among the cast. It was late at night and we’d had a really long day, but she just stood up and said, “Everybody be quiet.” Everyone went quiet. She has that kind of effect.

‘Brothers and Sisters: Season 3’ is available to buy on DVD now.

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