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If you need to know a little something about Mr. Macfarlane, this is the place. Featured within is an extensive Biography, Points & Facts for those quick tidbits, a quick link to his Career page, and a few Quotes. Also featured are Quotes About Luke which is what others have said about him. There’s a full list of Luke’s Co-Stars and Regular Co-Stars.

This is your basic full list of everything Luke’s done in his career as recorded. Regularly updated, each page features (if available) a poster, description and information, previews, related media, cast list, and external links.

Luke Macfarlane Online is proud to boast the most extensive Luke Macfarlane gallery on the net, and that isn’t just rhetoric. It features thousands of photos and spans over Luke’s Career, Public Appearances, Candids, Magazine/Press Articles, Miscellaneous photos, and Fan Art.

Luke Macfarlane Online also boasts its own all-inclusive Media Centre, including tons of videos scoping Luke’s career, as well as music, art, and more.

Luke Macfarlane Online features songs of Luke singing as the frontman for the band, Fellow Nameless.

A growing press articles section that’s sure to track all the latest (legitimate) articles that include Luke.

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