Fellow Nameless

MacFarlane was the lead singer and a songwriter for the band, Fellow Nameless, which began in his 8th grade along with some of his classmates at Lester B. Pearson School for the Performing Arts under the name of Slipnaught, a name they randomly chose from a dictionary because they did not have a name for the band when it came time to perform on stage. Fellow Nameless came from Slipnaught mainly because the band members hated the original name, and so, Fellow Nameless was born at London Central Secondary School. Fellow Nameless has produced one underground album, which was a half-studio, half-live CD album, and they recorded an additional ten songs that never got put out including three songs that were recorded for a development deal with Maverick Records. They played a showcase for Danny Strick A&R of Maverick Records and in the end got passed over. The once thought of as defunct London, Ontario, based band, Fellow Nameless, later had two incarnations without MacFarlane as lead singer. The first incarnation came in the second quarter of 2004 with the creation of van A primer and a new singer, Matthew Pearn. Their current incarnation, as of March, 2006, has three of the remaining band members under the new band name of Cancel Winter. Unfortunately, Dustin & Nick left the band last year in 2007. However, Cancel Winter is still alive, and headed by Nate Kreiswirth with all new band members and has released their first official album, which you can purchase via their site.

• Luke MacFarlane: Lead Vocals
• Nick Richard: Drums
• Graeme Cornies: Lead Guitar
• Nate Kreiswirth: Rhythm Guitar
• Dustin Harris: Bass

All tracks are composed and written by Fellow Nameless. Thanks to Nate Kreiswirth for sending me the album tracks, and Luke MacFarlane for allowing me to host them for the fans to listen to.

If interested in purchasing the album, please send your inquiries to kong@lukemacfarlane.org.

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