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Ask Brothers & Sisters Part 14 (featuring Luke Macfarlane)


Continuation of the Ask Brothers & Sisters video from the last segment with Matthew Rhys, Luke Macfarlane, Emily VanCamp, and Patricia Wettig. This one is Part 14. Luke again only speaks very little but it is a nice gem to have.

Video of Ask Brothers & Sisters can be viewed after the jump.

Click here to watch the video with Luke Macfarlane

Ask Brothers & Sisters Part 12 (Featuring Luke Macfarlane)


ABC released the latest Ask Brothers & Sisters on the video page at the ABC Website for Brothers & Sisters. It is a rarity for Luke Macfarlane to show up in one of these type of videos, but here he is officially in part 12 of the Ask Brothers & Sisters series. The video also features Luke Macfarlane along with Matthew Rhys (also a rarity), as well as Patricia Wettig with Emily VanCamp. Unfortunately, Luke does not speak much in this video but it is definitely a nice surprise for Luke fans to see him in this video.

I have included the video for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

Click here to watch the video featuring Luke Macfarlane

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